Back on Track

I am horrible at updating my blog with my online discoveries. I switch off between two browsers (Chrome and Safari) and I put sites and other things in random folders or bookmark them and then lose them all.

Luckily, I was able to find a few things this past week that may interest you. 

I’ll start with the simple stuff.

So, if you haven’t heard Pintrest is B00minG right now. Booming as in, the site is creating more online trafficking than Facebook.

If you you Pin & Facebook then give this site a try:

Now you can browse Facebook with a Pintrest layout, making the experience that much more complicated!


With all the random deeelites and dooze-its life brings us each day (at least me), try getting your online shopping in order. That way, if you’re like me – a recovering shop-a-holic/shop-a-holic still, you’ll have ONE less thing to worry about :) ;) maybe…

You enter your email addresses (I gave them my Gmail and Yahoo), and 2 minutes later this site documents all of your past and recent orders! To any site! It’s pretty k00l to me but that’s not saying much. Definitely give it a try.

So two down, 20 to go? I love having a blog. My roommates are so sick of hearing this stuff from me (even though they still do, more than once a day..every day ha)

Just kidding. Not about the roomie stuff BUT even though I have a lot to share, I’m not going to overload this entry.

Another SITE you might like..or should:)

Sign up right now! Because, like Pintrest, this site has to send you an invite first (lame).

It’s worth it though, I promise. Evertale is basically an online scrapbook all about YOU and the best part is THEY do ALL the recording! You just give them your e-mail and cell phone number, sounds a little sketch but the company is legit. Being a part of an idea like this, for free, is pretty cool if you ask me. Just think.. in a few years you’ll stumble across this site again and find the details of your past right in whatever technology the world uses in 2020. Aka eye contact lenses that have CPU chips in them so people can see whatever they want, when they want. ..

The point is that you’ll appreciate this site, and all of it is protected under your username and password so no one else can see it!

I think that’s enough for today, whaddya think? If you have any suggestions, please PLEASE comment because I would love to hear them! I can’t do all the searching alone in this big, wide internet world. I already spend about 20 hours a day working through it. Personal choice only.

Oh but I need to include this last site (sorry!)

Whoops double sorries, it’s more like an APP!

If you’re like me, then you’ll love Crosswalk. It allows you to discover trending apps through the activity of other PEOPLE.

I think you have to go to the site to understand but DO IT


&& make sure to download it too on iTunes (for free).

Happy day! See you on the internet.


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