Joy to the World [Wide Web]

IFTTT is short for one of the newest trending sites, “if this, then that”.

You basically create short cuts (or recipes as the site calls them) for all your apps online (i.e. facebook, pintrest, e-mail, etc..).

At first I didn’t really understand the concept behind this site, so I never took the time to really start my own “recipes” online.

Until last night.

Definitely sign up for the site at http://www.ifttt.com
–> you can explore popular recipes on the site, so you don’t even have to make your own

A few of the ones I added were:
-if instagram photo taken, upload to facebook
-if Gizmodo’s app of the week (RSS feed) updated then e-mail me
-if I check in somewhere with foursquare, then post this activity to my Google calendar

I especially like the last one because in a way it’s like creating a journal online (kind of…

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