IFTTT is short for one of the newest trending sites, “if this, then that”.

You basically create short cuts (or recipes as the site calls them) for all your apps online (i.e. facebook, pintrest, e-mail, etc..).

At first I didn’t really understand the concept behind this site, so I never took the time to really start my own “recipes” online.

Until last night.

Definitely sign up for the site at http://www.ifttt.com
–> you can explore popular recipes on the site, so you don’t even have to make your own

A few of the ones I added were:
-if instagram photo taken, upload to facebook
-if Gizmodo’s app of the week (RSS feed) updated then e-mail me
-if I check in somewhere with foursquare, then post this activity to my Google calendar

I especially like the last one because in a way it’s like creating a journal online (kind of like the Evertale site I introduced in an earlier post).

If you have a twitter account, then there are lots of cool recipes you can mix up with it also. I didn’t include any twitter recipes because I don’t have one (and I still don’t understand it).


About foursquare, you can check it out at http://www.foursquare.com. Create an account (sign in with Facebook) and the app will find all your friends via twitter, email, facebook or whatever that use the app also and you can explore new restaurants, bars, and bistros by referring to your contacts activities.
–> The site also has a link to iTunes to download the app on your phone (it’s free!)

Also, speaking of foursquare, if you haven’t heard already the somewhat recent app “Highlight” is becoming the next big thing. I set up an account 2 days ago, and I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

The app takes your current location (and updates it so if you’re moving around all the same rules apply) and it shows you when you’re facebook/twitter/e-mail online buddies are nearby AND when buddies OF THESE buddies are too! So, when a random contact pops up in your radar, you can chat them about anything or add them as a buddy for other purposes (? none come to mind but that’s ok).

Few last little bit bytes!
-if you are a pinner on Pintrest & use Chrome, make sure to add the Pintrest widget! You can activate this widget (or one similar to it, it might be call Pintrest pin or something like that) and browse the internet PINNING whatever, wherever! Simply right click the image, site address, etc. and there will be an option to post that specific item to your Pintrest account.

LAST THING NOW, I promise!!
-I posted a website for guys last night so obviously I need to post for girls today

If you are a woman and having trouble finding the right bra (so if you’re a woman..) then go to the site : http://www.brayola.com

trust me, you’ll love it.




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