Evertale finally got back to me!

About a month ago I somehow stumbled onto the website Evertale while surfing the internet for countless hours  (it’s a hobby). Anyway, the site wasn’t up yet! That’s how I knew it was a guaranteed success page.

Remember Pintrest? Yes, the site that creates more online traffic than Twitter and Facebook. You have to apply to become a member, invitees only.

Evertale had the same thing going on, so I didn’t really think much about it. I just added it to my list of sites that I’ve bookmarked on mySocialCloud (another awesome site).

Last night, I finally got the invite! So, what did I register for this time?

Evertale is like an online scrapbook. After creating a unique username and ID, users are prompted to give their social information (Facebook, phone number, etc) to the site.

I mean I guess some people think that’s sketchy, but at least their upfront about it haha. There are so many sites now that are tracking your internet activity and you don’t even know! To find ghosts like these, use the site: Ghostery.

Online scrapbook was a bit vague. Basically, Evertale uses the information you submit while creating your account to keep a personal journal for you. The formatting of the page is super clean, organized with a twist of fun. I think it’s a creative idea that everyone should try!

PROBLEM: The site requires you to download the Android app to begin…… if you have an Android device, that’s great. I don’t so this is a problem.

I sent an e-mail to Evertale’s admin and a few hours later, I received a helpful reply. Here’s the conversation:

From: “Natalie Swope” <natalieswope@yahoo.com>

Date: Mar 20, 2012 4:13 AM

Subject: Evertale

To: <matteo@evertale.com>




I don’t have an Android device. I only have the iPhone and Macbook Pro. I would like to use evertale, is there any way I can still do this?

Hi Natalie,


Thanks for your message.


Not yet! But we are working on it. This isn’t just an empty promise, the guys are quite literally developing for iOS as I write this. Sorry if some of this communication doesn’t relate directly to you at the moment (you’re not alone!), but please do bear with us. We’ve got big plans for the iPhone app. I’ll let you know as soon as a prototype is ready, if you’d like to be an iPhone app alpha tester?




So, since the iPhone app sounds promising, get started on Evertale today!


6 thoughts on “Evertale finally got back to me!

  1. I just signed up yesterday, and it said to wait until today for things to start being updated. So I took a look today, and it’s weird! All the texts I sent and received yesterday are saved on the site, on yesterday’s date. You can pick and choose, as far as I can see, what information you share from your phone with them. I am looking forward to seeing how it develops!

    Definitely worth a look for anyone with an Android phone, if this is your kind of thing!


      • Yeah, I have an Android phone. It’s fairly inconspicuous – you download it and then it just runs in the background. I’ve just checked the website and it has all the photos I’ve taken, and where I am in the world. A lot of fun!

  2. Hi Natalie.

    Thanks for writing this great piece about Evertale! It’s so well written – though especially because you say such nice things about our product. We’re really passionate about giving enthusiastic people like you the chance to use the iPhone app first, so I’ll be sure to get in touch as soon as we have something ready. In the meantime, you can keep track of progress on our Facebook page facebook.com/evertale or on Twitter @Evertale.

    If you, or any of your friends, followers or commenters have any questions, do feel free to mail me directly. sam{@}evertale.com

    Thanks again for this great piece, and keep up the good work!
    Sam and the Evertale Team

    • Thank you so much! When I first discovered Evertale’s online site I expressed my excitement to my friends and roommates. I really think it’s a great idea and I’m glad I’ve been spreading awareness about it!

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