Have you ever considered being a HackStar?


Well if you’re a woman and enrolled in a college/university, your chance is finally here!

HackStar Academy is hosting a summer programming “fellowship” for women in San Francisco, California. A group of lucky, HackStar worthy applicants are presented with an opportunity to enroll in a ten week software development crash course.

I started the application a few days ago, and it seems like applicants are expected to have some programming background (basic fundamentals, or knowledge of a language), and a true desire to develop their programming and technical skills with other women.

If you are passionate about technology, I would definitely give the application a chance! The main goal of the program is to help people develop software skills in order to “help them pursue their passions”. So even if you don’t know anything about programming languages, as long as you have the desire to learn about software and the motivation to acquire essential programming skills then SIGN UP!

The questions may be intimidating to some but I think the program leaders are just trying to get a sense of your experience. If you don’t have a lot then you can just work harder on the other questions that ask why you are applying, if technology is significant to you, et cetera.

Good luck!


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