TEDx UC Davis


TEDx is coming to UC Davis on May 19th! 

TEDx, created by TED, delivers TED like experiences to local and community level groups. The content and design of TEDx presentations are unique and independently created. However, many aspects of the TEDx experience are similar to those typically embodied in TED talks. For example, both TED and TEDx share the motto, “ideas worth spreading.”

The theme of the UCD lecture is, “The Power of Perspective.” The TED team’s inspiring ideas and open minded attitude encourage students to change their perspectives of the world. This talk will allow students to appreciate the different lenses of the world before jumping to conclusions. In other words, students will interpret one image that represents two different things.

I would love to take part in this event, but tickets are already sold out! Fortunately, UCD formed a small contest for the talk. Applicants are required to fill out a form to participate and then a few lucky winner will be granted with TEDx tickets. 

I’m definitely going to fill out the form but who knows what the chances are..

Wish me luck :)



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