Former Microsoft And Amazon Employees Launch Livestar, An App For “Trusted” Recommendations


After a year or so of stealth preparation, Livestar today launches an iOS app where you can view “trusted” recommendations. In an effort to become the one-stop-shop for everyone’s recommendation needs, Livestar lets people search for recommendations from their friends and critics– of restaurants, music and movies currently.

Eventually founder and former Microsoft M&A exec Fritz Lanman wants to expand the app to cover other verticals like wine, clothing, books, bars, hotels and shows. “We can just keep turning on more and more categories, just like Amazon did, using the same infrastructure / architecture,” he says.

Users log in through Facebook, and define the locale they’re interested in reviews of (if they’re looking for restaurants that is, music and movies don’t use location).

Users can then refine their searches with keywords like “romantic” and “Italian” and tell the app who they want opinions from by clicking on the source slider…

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