Headlines & Notes from Google I/O Conference 11 am-12 pm

I took some notes about the main headlines and the key concepts from today’s Google I/O live stream.

Google I/O Live Conference: SF, CA


Google Plus tablet App, Rolling out for Android today available for iPad soon

            –Art & Photography


                        -“People just having fun”

                        -Pinning videos, automatically switch video based on who is talking

            Other improvements, new navigation, new profiles        

            All of these features are on the iPad too, immersive hangouts, stream


All tablet improvements are coming to the Android smartphone today. Also available for your phone now.


One more Google Plus Announcment:


Google Plus Events

            -Before, during and after next party

            -Invite someone

            -Calendar integration, cinemagraphs

-Designed lots of ways to send beautiful invitations: cinemagraphic themes

            -Calendar button in the sharebox


            -Setting event mood with small details on event pages

            -Party Mode

                        -Photos get added in real time

                        -Gives your party a visual pulse

                        -Live slideshow

            -Ordering of someone’s photos in one place

-Show Google+ Events Promo Video


Google+ Events changesà Illustrate the changes Google+ is trying to make in general


Best way to kick Google+ Events off:

            After Hours Party (First official Google+ Events Event)

                        -Please download the new Android Events integration

                                    -Invitations sent out to conference members

            Experiment Early with Devices

*-Android Pack: Brand new Galaxy Nexus phone, and a brand new Nexus 7 tablet, latest OTA preview of the Jellybean (newest) version, very first ones to get hands on brand new, Nexus Q (available from 4 pm onwards)






            -Showcase hangout from glass

-Can choose what to record, what not to record

-Easy display

-Seamless to share

            -encourage people to do new things with it

-experience moments to feel like you are there, do not need a glass device to do that

            -Write comments on other user experience

-Communicating emotion (NY picture)


** Aspiration 2: Want to enable people to access information very quickly

-Much faster, so fast that you don’t feel that you need to seek knowledge somewhere (you feel you know it)

                        -Physical Places/Navigation

                        -Speed of vehicles

                        -New experiences and expectations

                                    -Information without disengaging from physical world


            -Video of Glass

                        Madame & Baby


            -Developer Access for Glass (preorders limited to US based I/O attendees)

                        -Early next year shipping

                        -Hands of passionate people

                        -Only accepting orders at the conference


Android Sandbox



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