The iPhone 5 Review [only 5 days late]

Sorry to be quite possibly the last blogger on the face of the Earth to publish my own take on the iPhone 5, but would it really be a happy technoliday without an authentic review by Santa herself? I’m joking. You’re right– waiting 5 days to report the tech specs, pros and cons, and overall rating of what seems to be the hottest tech savy product on feeds today is totally absurd. But, I’m going to do it anyways.

I’m sure you’ve read countless articles and reviews about Apple’s newest product since its release date on September 12th, 2012. Actually, at this point, I’m assuming you’re sick of seeing iPhone and Apple content exploding your Twitter feed, RSS subscriptions and Google’s news bar. Hey, I don’t blame you because I’m feeling it too. Yet I still feel like summarizing my own opinion and drawbacks from this iconized tech tool. Like you, I’m an Apple fan. I am also an avid tech reader. From my variety of quality, hand picked articles (obviously CNET being one of them), I am going to give you the straight forward stats about the iPhone 5, and I’ll do my best to leave out the fluff & bullshit.

Here’s my very own Santa Special, enjoy.

It’s Bigger & Better

Longer (4 inch display vs the standard 3.5 inch design aka 1136 x 640 pixels), width has stayed relatively the same (creates familiarity with iPhone users), and it’s impressively light weight (112 g vs. the 140 g iPhone 4s) and thin (only 7.6 mm!)

Edges of the phone are reported to be less metallic like, and more plasticky which causes this iPhone to be less cold than those before. However, the same steel bands trace the circumference of the phone like predessors making the new “stretched-out look” feel recognizeable and familiar.

The back of the phone is now made with aluminum, rather than the gorilla glass rear that still stares at back at me now from my iPhone 4s. The day that the iPhone doesn’t break when you drop it may be in the works! I’ll keep you updated with customer reviews.

Details, Details, Details..

A lot of iPhone bandwagon fans are complaining about the 4 inch diagnol screen update because, if you think about it, that is only a .5 inch increase from the iPhone 4S’ 3.5 inch display. BUT, the iPhone changes are all very important despite being so modest.

The headphone port is now located on the bottom of the phone (which is a plus for iPod touch users.. and possible a comeback to the Galaxy Nexus anyone?)

High speed LTE in this iPhone for the very first time (if you don’t have the iPad then know this is pretty epic for online browsing)

A new and smaller dock connector (and the connecting port is officially dubbed the “Lightening Port”). Kind of annoying though because if you have purchased any IReady product such as speaker docks in the past then you’ll need to purchase Apple’s MagSafe adaptor to use these with the iPhone 5 (but it’s only 9.99!)

Display meets sRGB color specification and includes an integrated touch layer, said to be the “world’s most advanced display”, and who can forget the anti glare implementations?

Storage remains the same as before with traditional 16, 32 and 64 GB flavors available

Call quality drastically said to improve because of the 3 microphones built into the back, front and bottom of the iPhone 5. Speaker quality increases as well.

New A6 chip, reported to be much quicker (up to 2 times faster) than the A5 chip in the 4S. This causes phone transitions and app juggling to be much smoother.

As we all know (or should), the new iOS 6 specification additions replace the iOS 5 software. The major benefits of this are seen in the Maps app update. Now, as Apple pairs with Yelp, siri can be more useful when browsing over 100 million businesses listed and the 3D view of buildings makes step by step navigation even easier.

Facetime, Apple’s video calling service, now works over 3G. No more waiting to be within WiFi range (finally).

The camera remains the same 8 megapixel cam from the 4S, but it is said to have better low light performance, and is reported to take photos 40% faster. A huge change, in my opinion, is the new panorama mode Apple has added. Now, users can take landscape photos that are a whopping 28 megapixels in size (ahem, the perfect size for Facebook cover photos). Speaking of Facebook.. did anyone notice how Apple slyly centered the iOS 5 software to Twitter? Well, now you know. With the iOS 6 software, it’s Facebook’s time to shine. Cheers to a new age of better cover photo browsing selections!

Battery life seems to be better, I mean just on standby the life from 100 to 0 percent lasts 225 hours. The slight increase from 3.7 to 3.8 volts seems to have a jaw dropping effect. We will have to wait and see how true Tim Cook’s claim really is though.. I’ll keep you posted.

Video quality has a few alterations as well. The overall video stabilization and face detection has improved and now users have the awesome ability to take photos while shooting videos.

The 4S’ micro SIM slot has been replaced with a nano slim slot in a more centered location. This is a bummer because now a new SIM card is required and we all know how much of a pain that can be.

All in all, with a bigger screen, new processor and 4G capability, the iPhone 5 definitely has presented the world with some major highlights (like.. I want one, really badly). Unfortunately, I am a bit disappointed. Awhile ago, I posted the concept video for the iPhone 5 and wow, that really, truly blew me away. The mini projector on the bottom offering a full set keyboard was so clutch. Oh well.. my only fear is that Samsung might possess more wow factors for Apple fans. Since I’m Korean, I hope this happens. Next to that, no opinion.

I hope this helps anyone who cares. If you have any other things to add, please comment below. Thanks!


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