Windows Champion Blogging Ambassadors Team 2012-2013

Today, I was proud of myself. 

I let myself smile while I read an important e-mail message that was flagged in my inbox. I was entirely sprawled out on my room’s floor, in my pajamas, and alone in my apartment — but I could feel happiness beaming out of the corners of my grin, and in that moment I felt absolutely wonderful.

So, in my attempt to simply share some personal news with you, I am going to do my best not to start swaggering (good word, huh?) but seriously. I hope my little update will make you guys as excited as I am for October to approach! 

I was messaged by an individual on the Microsoft Windows PR team, and apparently the articles I have been piecing together these past few months (on both HackCollege and SwopeSwope) somehow allowed me to become an eligible candidate for the Windows Championship Blogger Program. The message was an invitation to join the Windows Champion Blogging Ambassador team for 2012-2013. Can you believe it? I’m still struggling to fully accept the fact that I am going to be writing for Microsoft by October..

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for reading my articles, for supporting me and ultimately hearing what I’ve had to say throughout these past few months. Even if you aren’t a frequent visitor, thank you for simply visiting my page. If this is the first time you’ve ever stumbled onto this URL, well.. no comment. 

Basically being a team member for this blogging group will present me with insane networking opportunities, writing experience (I was told to plan on posting every month or so), and ……. this is the best part …… they are shipping me a new Windows 8 laptop shortly after its release this October. I am 100% serious when I say that receiving a laptop >> Christmas & birthday gifts combined (for me, at least). 

Here’s a short description of the other bloggers the team will consist of (I found it while researching more about the blog and info online):

Nearly sixty of the nation’s top parent, men’s interest, student and fashion bloggers have joined with Windows to form the blogging masterminds who make up the Windows Champions. These bloggers were chosen to get a one-year, all-access pass to some of the hottest Windows PCs, Microsoft gear and news —  putting them at the forefront of technology trends. Read on to learn more about our community of bloggers and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter to keep up with all their #windowschampions coverage!

This was from a few years ago, so things might be a little different. Changes or not, I am already preparing myself with some background info about Microsoft updates, and upcoming products. If I am going to write for their blog, I am determined to make my articles grade-A, stand out, eye poppin’ quality. Or, at least I hope to (wish me luck?).

Before ending, I want to apologize to anyone that is annoyed that I took the time to write a post all about myself and the over-confidence that plagued me today. I swear I’ll try to limit myself next time with the deets, I just wanted to vent some of my excitement! 

Happy Wednesday!


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