Foursquare Partners With OpenTable To Make Dinner Reservations Simple


You’re out and about with a bunch of friends and you get hungry. It happens all of the time, right? Which app or service do you go to first to find a restaurant and get a table? For many, it might be Google Maps, then a phone call. Forget that, because foursquare is getting super robust as of late.

Luckily, making reservations just got really easy, thanks to a new partnership. Here’s what foursquare had to say about its mashup with OpenTable today:

Now when you’re searching for the perfect dinner spot with Explore on iPhone or Android, you’re just a few taps away from making a reservation. Foursquare’s teamed up with OpenTable to provide painless in-app reservation making at thousands of restaurants across the U.S., no phone calls necessary.

When you find a venue under “Explore” that has an OpenTable integration, you’ll be prompted to go ahead and…

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