Applying to Square’s Code Camp & Listening to the Grateful Dead

One of the first articles I ever posted on my “Happy Technolidays” blog was about the Square card reader. I remember when I received my free card reader in the mail. The packaging was pretty spectacular — and it definitely hinted Apple iPhone accessory all over it. Anyway, shortly after receiving my own, I made sure to tell as many people as possible about the app & the free accessory. Maybe sharing that piece of information led me to want to share more, and then to ultimately create a blog. Regardless, I love Square and always have. Today, the company announced their “Coding Camp” competition — a program to encourage women to pursue engineering (specifically computer science).

I’ve been looking forward to filling out and submitting my own application all day. While I was in class, the page was tabbed on my browser and I kept running my mouse over the first short answer question. I still haven’t written a single sentence of my response, but I did do the following:

1. Completely re-formatted my resume (I changed it up with Pages)

2. I started sketching, then scanning, then finally drawing on my Bamboo and I created this picture:


I like it, and I thought I would share with the WordPress community. I guess I will get back to my application now.. wish me luck?



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