I used to be extremely opposed to Evernote this summer when TC encouraged me to use it during work, however, I found something pretty awesome this weekend at the Apple store. Apparently Moleskin and Evernote teamed up to bring you…. drumroll… EVERNOTE MOLESKIN NOTEBOOKS! And no, the pen doesn’t wirelessly transfer your writing to your computer, transfer text files, or anything amazing. But that’s why I love it — the simplicity. There are 3 pages of stickers on the back, each representing a “tag” and when you write in your notebook and download the app for this product, you simply complete a page either in pen and sticker (and take a photo) OR write one on one of your wifi devices. Now you have more tags though and the more tags the merrier. Plus, the moleskin notebook is only 35.00 and you get a premiere account for 3-4 months with Evernote (huge plus). I just subscribed to the Business Evernote as well, and I will let you know if it helps me organize my newly created ETSY shop (ThreeWords2SumUpLife). ;)


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