My Passport for Mac: Backing up my air and pro with time machine

My Passport for Mac: Backing up my air and pro with time machine

After browsing through some great Amazon golden deals (electronic section), filtering through Fry’s clearance section, and awaiting dozens of shell shocker email updates from NewEgg.. I finally committed to a WD (rather than Seagate) external hard drive (1 TB). It was only 60.00 [a NewEgg special!]. The reviews were wonderful.

Why do I need so much space? I mean, I asked myself the same question a few weeks ago. I have about 20+ microSD and SD cards for memory ranging from 16 to 64 GB. I have a SuperDrive and can burn some programs on CDs. I have Dropbox, iCloud, Box, etc. And I don’t even know how many other random external hard drives from laCie (with only 300 GB of storage) and USB are shoved in the corners of my desk. However, I needed enough space to perform two TIME CAPSULE backups on my Macbook Air and Pro (2010 model). That means I need a lot of memory.. hence why I settled for 1 TB (the perfect size for the price, in my opinion). Also, if you have a Mac, you should regularly backup your hard drive (if you can) with time machine — or at least if you plan on wiping and selling you devices.. like me :). The only way to properly transfer most of the apps you’ve downloaded or purchased [Office, for example] won’t configure correctly on your new device if you downloaded it from an old Dropbox folder, for example.

I have heard great things about Seagate and Western Digital — but Western Digital had a better, sleeker casing (in my opinion). Also, the WD my passport for Mac is extremely light weight and super small (like the size of my palm). Last but not least, all your data will be password protected. The device works with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 hubs.

I’m excited to test it out now and make sure I am saving my data right! I will make sure to update this post with my feedback and overall review of the product once the deed has officially been done — but until then please check out the ratings for yourself and consider investing in your own external hard drive.



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