About Me

Hi, my name is Natalie Kyong Swope.

 I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate at University of California, Davis majoring in Computer Engineering  and minoring in Technology Management.

Aside from my programming experience, my involvement with the campus community in Davis has allowed me to express my creative mindset in a variety of settings.  I belong to both a social sorority (Delta Gamma) on campus as well as an academic club (Society of Women Engineers). Because of this, I communicate with a wide spectrum of individuals.

The differences between these two groups has developed my perspective on the relationship between technology and customers. Many technical companies today are filled with engineers who create products that reflect their own interests, rather than the interests of the public. I believe that I can create the solutions to problems that satisfy public interest.

This blog was created mainly because I like learning about technology. I know that’s broad but I don’t want to narrow it down since tech is all over now-a-days. I’m not the person texting on my phone for hours, or hiding behind my laptop in the library secretly stalking people on Facebook. A lot of people probably think I am that person as I spend almost 75% of my time exploring the web that but 9 times out of 12, I’m checking out trending websites, articles on sites like TechCrunch, Inc., AllThingsD, or just browsing the app store on iTunes.

So, what does my blog have to do with this? Learning about things… so what?

I guess I just want to see if anyone else might find any of the info I offer helpful, or even fascinating. I also want to learn from other blogging sites about anything & everything involving technology.

My posts are generally interesting, cool, helpful, bizarre! I had to dig to get to these things though, an effort a lot of people don’t have the time to put into. I mean in all seriousness I don’t have time for this either but that’s the thing about technology, its research reeks benefits, making life a little easier every day.

SO while I dig, and DIG and dig until my eyes burn, then what? I need to share, and that’s what I decided.

I’ve always loved art. I draw, paint and sketch on my bamboo tablet when I have free time. My pictures communicate my ideas — my mindset and perspective of the world.

I grew up believing such ideas were unrealistic, sometimes even immature.

But maybe that’s what people said about laptops, bluetooth speakers, and touch screens.

The only way to make an idea a reality is to dream in a world without bounds; a world of information & technology.

I guess that’s me. Any questions?

“Say whaaaaaaaaaaat?”


Natalie Swope

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