My Dream Internship

I created an page in late April and definitely put my all into the design, content and delivery.

Having this opportunity and dedicating countless hours to it led me to uncover my passions and possible career opportunities that I never thought a confusing, chocolate breathing college teen would stumble upon.

I still don’t have a clue about my future whereabouts, but I have established outlines and a few goals to push me through the ups and downs of life.

I was an excellent high school student but I was driven by motivation for success, and I hadn’t realized that until creating my page and submitting slash winning the AOL tech internship of my dreams.

There are good things about this characteristic I possessed, it led to my development and growth in high school. With two strict and motivated parents, a handful of competitive friendships, and a place where my status mattered, I did well.

However, I had no idea what I was in for…

A lot of the struggles I’ve stormed through or crash and burned in were due to my desire to succeed in the eyes of others. I was in another state, at a public school, living with 4 girls in my sorority and barely able to make decent pasta by 5 pm.. I’m not saying I’m the only person in the world with issues to juggle BUT without incentive, I stopped being who I was. I grew lazy, and in the school of engineering the light at the end of the tunnel seemed light years away.

I cared so much about my social appearance, my actions and their interpretations by others that I began to feel like there was a darkness veiled upon me. An inescapable way to continue my distant and difficult goals. The insides of someone unable to recognize his/her reflection in the mirror.

Luckily, I had passions and a love for art, design and creative thinking. It was the light I needed to guide my future and the push I needed to get behind the driver’s seat of my life. I finally realized the only person or thing that can control your life is you. Whether you destroy it, hate it, pamper it… whatever, at the end of the day what you do is where you will go.

I’m not saying that I realized this and I’m enlightened and brilliant, but I am trying to share the knowledge I wish I knew sooner.

Visit my page to view my personal resume-like, self-designed profile. It was the entry I submitted to’s ultimate internship competition.

Here’s a snippet of what it looks like (check it out!):

You can also read more about my internship and my behavior throughout it and reactions after starting here.

Thanks for reading!


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